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  • Sách; Cẩm nang


  • This handbook is divided into two sections. The first section focuses on questions concerning indigenous peoples such as: why indigenous peoples’ rights are important for parliamentarians; who are indigenous peoples; what are indigenous peoples’ rights under international standards; what is free, prior and informed consent, and why free, prior and informed consent is important for parliamentarians

  • Sách; Cẩm nang

  • Marilyn Achiron (2010)

  • This handbook aims to provide parliamentarians with a broad description of the international principles regulating nationality and statelessness. States hold a broad discretion with which to define their initial body of citizens and the conditions for acquiring, losing, and retaining citizenship. However, human rights principles developed throughout the 20th century limit this discretion if it results in statelessness and/or if it is applied in a discriminato...

  • Sách

  • Mr. Mike Asplet (2013)

  • This Handbook issued by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and UNHCR provides relevant guidance to members of parliament on how best to address internal displacement as legislators and as national leaders to make their contribution towards ending internal displacement in their countries.

  • Sách; Cẩm nang

  • Bedmund Balnaves (2012)

  • The Handbook provides parliamentary staff- in senior managerial position of library and IT staff - with an overview of guidance on ICT tools and systems that parliamentary libraries can adopt and implement in different ways. These tools and systems should help libraries to perform their mandate more effectively and deliver more efficient services

  • Cẩm nang

  • Anders B. Johnsson, Anthony Lake (2011)

  • The handbook aims to provide parliamentarians with information on a variety of effective mechanisms to ensure that children’s participation in parliaments is meaningful, reflects the voices of the most marginalized and contributes to policies, laws and budgets that will help correct the disparities and inequities that afflict the world’s children.