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  • Tài liệu dịch

  • The National Assembly (2005-06-14)

  • This Law provides for the legal status, functions, tasks, powers and organization of the State Audit; the tasks and powers of State auditors; the audited entities and relevant organizations and individuals; the operations and assurance of operations of the State Audit

  • Tài liệu dịch

  • The National Assembly (2005-11-29)

  • This Law provides for the establishment, management organization and operation of limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, partnerships and private enterprises (hereinafter referred collectively to as enterprises) of all economic sectors; and groups of companies

  • Tài liệu dịch

  • The National Assembly (2004-06-15)

  • This Law provides for inland waterway navigation activities; conditions to ensure safety for inland waterway navigation infrastructures, vessels and people participating in inland waterway navigation and transport

  • Tài liệu dịch

  • The National Assembly (2006-11-29)

  • This Law provides for the organization and operation of vocational training institutions; rights and obligations of organizations and individuals participating in vocational training activities.