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  • Sách; Cẩm nang

  • - (2006)

  • An introduction to the subject of persons missing or unaccounted for following armed conflict or internal violence, and its impact on the families of the individuals concerned; An explanation of the essential role of parliamentarians in preventing disappearances, elucidating the fate of missing persons and helping their families; A proposal for a model law on missing persons, drawn up by the ICRC’s Advisory Service as a tool to help States ...

  • Sách; Cẩm nang

  • David Beetham, Anders B. Johnsson (2006)

  • This book is an ambitious attempt to define the contribution of parliament to democracy, and to identify the distinctive attributes of a democratic parliament or legislature in the twenty-first century. Its core comprises extracts from submissions provided by member parliaments of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), in which they describe some of the challenges they currently face, and provide examples of their own democratic practice whi...

  • Bản thông tin; Cẩm nang

  • IPU, UNESCO (2003)

  • This Handbook constitutes a practical guide on parliaments and their methods of work. It is intended for use by the UNESCO Secretariat, including its Field Network of 57 field offices, and by the network of 190 National Commissions for UNESCO which act as the relay of the organisation’s activities in Member States and Associate members.

  • Sách; Cẩm nang

  • - (2005)

  • This handbook aims to provide parliamentarians with a broad description of the international principles regulating nationality and statelessness. International law gives States broad discretion with which to define their initial body of citizens and the conditions for acquiring, losing, and retaining citizenship. However, human rights principles developed throughout the 20th century limit this latitude if it results in statelessness and/or if it is applied in ...

  • Bản thông tin; Cẩm nang

  • - (2007)

  • This handbook is designed to promote active and effective follow-up by Parliaments and parliamentarians throughout the world to the recommendations of the United Nations Secretary- General’s Study on Violence against Children. This handbook uses, with permission, text from the report of the UN Secretary- General’s Study to the General Assembly and from the complementary World Report on Violence against Children

  • Tạp chí

  • Lưu Trung Thành (2004)

  • Bài viết đề cập đến một số vấn đề liên quan đến hoạt động tiếp xúc cử tri và đưa ra một số biện pháp đồng bộ để hoạt động tiếp xúc cử tri của Đại biểu Quốc hội và Đại biểu Hội đồng nhân dân trở thành một hoạt động chính trị thường xuyên và có ý nghĩa thực sự.

  • Cẩm nang

  • Mr. Mark Freeman (2005)

  • The Handbook seeks to provide some responses to this question. It does so by setting out the moral, legal and political dilemmas most commonly associated with democratic and post-confl ict transitions, by exploring the meaning of reconciliation and by highlighting the use of transitional justice mechanisms. Most importantly, it examines ways in which parliaments can foster reconciliation in their own countries in times of transition, and highlights what&...