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Title: Public Land Disputes in Vietnam: A Multi-Actor Analysis of Five Case Studies with an East Asian Comparative
Authors: John Gillespie
Keywords: Land disputes
Phu My Hung Residential Area
Resolve public land disputes
Dung Quat Economic Zone Authority
Hoa Mac Industrial Park
Hung Phu Residential Area
Abstract: The studies consider not only the formal policies and procedures applicable and/or employed in these disputes but also the perspectives and actions of citizens, businesses, investors, the media, mass organizations, and government officials. Case studies were selected for geographic and economic diversity and involve rural, peri-urban, and urban communities. The cases also vary in their level of private investor involvement and the intensity of the dispute.
Date Created: 1-2014
Issue Date: 2014
Type: 1-2014
Format: pdf
Source: The Asian Foundation
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